“I want my parents to do this training and learn to stop fighting with each other and blaming each other and us kids for their problems”
D.F., age 12

Judicial Testimonials

Shelley Waiau
(Sexual Assault Crisis Worker)

There are hundreds of people out in our big world writing self-help books and catering to whatever will bring in the big bucks and fame. Michele is NOT that person. Michele had the foresight over 25 years ago to develop a program to keep kids safe….before the rest of the world had caught up to the horror of abuse inflicted on children worldwide often unnoticed.  Keep Kids Safe is truly built on a long-time vision and not a commercial venture.

As a teacher, leader, parent, grandparent, & crisis worker, I personally would choose this program over any quick fix  system put together on the fly.  Michele has walked the walk….her difficult childhood and teen experiences give her a unique insight into the victim, the abuser, and the systems revolving around abuse. Her experiences as a teacher, social worker,  and mom only increase her credibility. If I am honest with myself, I wouldnʻt want to go to a Marriage and Family therapist if that person has never been married or has children. That might not seem fair but I would want to know the services I am pouring my money and time into are legit and relevant to my needs. Years of personal experience and decades on the job, make Micheleʻs program highly credible and effective for those working with children. Her system is guaranteed relevant to the needs of hurting kids.

Micheleʻs persistence should speak for itself. She has faithfully kept her hand on the plow producing these books and program at great sacrifice. Keep Kids Safe is a result of hard work and years of research. Persistence means hurdles have been jumped and kinks have been tested.  Michele is pro teamwork and collaboration. This is an important quality in a good program. Anyone can participate! Anyone can learn! Anyone can benefit! Why use a program not tested and not a labor of love? Why not use a program user-friendly, fun, and fitting for dealing with life in this broken world? Keep Kids Safe isn’t just for kids, it can help anyone. It helps me.

Alan Nouchi (Acting Warden), Department of Public Safety

I have seen your Kids Safe Program and am very interested in utilizing this powerful program as modified to empower the inmates at our facility… I believe that the successful implementation of your program here could very well lead to utilization  of your program materials and training services at correctional facilities throughout the State of Hawaii.

Personal Testimonials

R.L., age 21

This worksheet is a good thing. It helped me to see a different perspective of my feelings and actions. It helped me see some consequences that come from my actions. The books also gave some ideas that I could try to help me improve to be more patient with others. 

Carrie Johnson (Mental Health Counselor)

My name is Carrie Johnson, I am a licensed mental health counselor, and have been running and facilitating sex offender groups on Maui for adult probationers since 2018, Oahu since 2004, and in Hilo since 2009.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and get to know Michelle since I began facilitating the groups on Maui. I remember the first week working with her and she shared her keep kids safe workbooks and program ideas with me. Her enthusiasm and determination behind them was all in her voice and presentation when she shared it with me. I was immediately intrigued with the program. I have four daughters and believe that her ideas and implementation of them are well represented and thought out in her workbooks. 

In our program working with offenders I have watched and listened in awe as she uses her skills To get our clients to understand their thoughts and feelings  and how these drive their behaviors. She has used and implemented worksheets from her program with our clients and in the 18 years experience I have had working with this population, never have I seen the clients progress through their treatment so effectively. Michelle is truly a leader in the field and this program will speak for itself.

E.M., age 11

I took this worksheet home and taught it to my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters. It changed how we talk to each other and stopped me from hitting others when I get mad.

Deb D.

As a mother of 7 children, 3 biological and 4 bonus (step) children and a grandmother of 9, I have used the tools and skills from the Keeping Kids Safe for years. I provided these worksheets and booklets for my children when they were young which gave them great coping skills in the trials and challenges they faced while they were young and impressionable. They have since used these same worksheets and booklets to assist their children (my grandchildren) to cope and learn valuable tools that assist them in their journey. These books and worksheets truly have assisted in shifting family patterns of addiction and abuse. They have been life changing for me and my family.

Kelly L. (Program Services, VCM/CCSS)

I use Michele’s Tools for Self-Improvement often in my day to day interactions at work and at home. After I use the tools I can recognize my behaviors that are not making me feel good about myself and understand why. I can see my grandchildren’s attitudes and ask them questions about their behaviors that they can answer without feeling as if I’m scolding them or berating them. Every person can benefit from these tools but even more if you are a parent. 

E.J., age 19

It was eye opening because it made think of what I can do to change and become more accountable. I can improve and the Keep Kids Safe Books gives me the recipe to make the necessary changes.