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Self-help for all

For kids and anyone who used to be a kid


A series of books geared toward kids and adults that can change the way you deal with life’s everyday challenges.


Services include individual consults, workshops, and training.

What Is Self Help for All?

It is an outgrowth of “Keep Kids Safe” program that Michele has developed over 28 years ago. Many students begged for their parents and teachers to learn the same techniques that they were incorporating into their lives. The initial endeavor was to modify the “Keep Kids Safe” books (Volumes 1-4) into an adult version. Now, Michele is taking “Self Help for All” into a variety of business, education, and judicial systems.

Who is Self Help Skills for?

It’s for kids and anyone who used to be a kid. But, as Michele says, it’s NOT for those who NEED it, but for those who WANT it. It is for anyone who is serious about “breaking bad” habits through a proven yet authentic, one-of-a-kind and fun way to experience and learn “power surges”. 

What is The Process Like?

Self Help for All  deals with all manner of problems in life (big or small), and uses a fun and authentic program to walk you through that problem to a breakthrough solution.The following are some of the actual steps you work through before arriving at positive solutions (with corresponding solutions in her “Keep Kids Books”)

    Deb D

    As a mother of 7 children, 3 biological and 4 bonus(step) children and a grandmother of 9, I have used the tools and skills from the Keeping Kids Safe for years. I provided these worksheets and booklets for my children when they were young which gave them great coping skills in the trials and challenges they faced while they were young and impressionable. They have since used these same worksheets and booklets to assist their children (my grandchildren) to cope and learn valuable tools that assist them in their journey. These books and worksheets truly have assisted in shifting family patterns of addiction and abuse. They have been life changing for me and my family.

    Kris S

    The Keep Kids Safe worksheets and training has helped to positively improve the behavior and demeanor of my 3 children. I am the father of 3 boys, ages 2, 8, and 10 and each of them use the teachings of this program to cope and deal with everyday issues kids have to deal with. Specifically, my 10 year old son, Koltyn, is very emotional and wasn’t handling some things that didn’t go his way very well. He would be angry and look everywhere but within for answers. After completing these worksheets a few times, he doesn’t seem to look elsewhere to blame others and is much more accepting of things he has no control over. My 8 year old, Kolby, is not as emotional and an easy going boy. The worksheets help him to express his feelings better and force him to share more than he may have been comfortable with in the past. He can actually teach and explain the program and help others with the worksheets.

    About Michele Gaddis


    Michele grew up on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. Her childhood did not lend itself to survival, let alone academic or professional longevity.

    She credits good teachers and even better friends, for her personal success. She finished high school, graduated from college and went on to graduate studies in secondary education and special education for gifted and talented kids.

    Today she has twenty plus e-books available on the internet, ranging in subject from Forgiveness to Self-help Skills for Kids.

    No one is more surprised than she is.

    Her books come from knowing how to listen, asking great questions, and writing about topics that people are not comfortable to ask about. She writes about important ideas in simple easy to read formats.

    Her first four books, Self Help Skills for Kids, were written with kids for kids. She humbly asked them for advice on how to be a better parent and teacher. They courageously gave her their heartfelt answers that forever changed her life.

    Michele’s books are creative responses to the challenges everyone faces. She writes with courage and honesty, because it is what her sixth grade students taught her to do.


    More Testimonials from our youth

    “I took this worksheet home and taught it to my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters. It changed how we talk to each other and stopped me from hitting others when I get mad.”

    E.M. age 11

    “I didn’t know that the reason my friend slept all the time was because she was depressed. After I read the lesson about “How to Keep Yourself from Hurting Yourself” I asked her why she was depressed. She said it was because a good friend of hers had just committed suicide.”

    Girl, age 13

    “I want my parents to do this training and learn to stop fighting with each other and blaming each other and us kids for their problems.”

    D.F. age 12

    Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Learning Self Help for All Today!